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The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation was established on 28 July 2000. Its aim is to assist the forming of an open society based on providing universal access for all citizens to public information. The Foundation therefore aims to cultivate a healthy media environment and supports the analysis and critical reflection of the media scene including the support of specific media analysis projects. We see a significant part of our efforts in the support of the further professional training of journalists and media photographers.

Review of the Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation's activities in 2000
2000 was the first year of the Foundation's activity and preparations were made for our work in the coming years. We concentrated especially on the following:
  1. Finding potential sponsors and securing means of funding (as follows from this Report, some founding was secured during 2000 together with promised cooperation in this field for 2001).
  2. Finding a foreign financing partner for a project due to see fruition in the coming years, specifically the award of grants in support of analytical and investigative reporting, whose progress is still impeded in the Czech Republic similarly to the situation in the other post-Communist nations. The Foundation obtained such a promise from the Open Society Fund.
  3. Establishing contacts which would enable us to secure study trips and short-term internships in prestigious international media for Czech journalist with sufficient hands-on experience.
  4. Examining the potential for the funding of and demand for regular discussion panels on key issues, organising trade seminars and training programmes, including a conference in 2001 under the Media World Society project, and with the participation of the Institute of Mass Communication of Charles University's Faculty of Social Sciences and the firm Philip Morris under the keynote The End of the National Media.
  5. Finding a partner to publish an interactive online newspaper.
  6. Launching a public relations campaign in order to get established on the Czech media scene.
Budgeted costs for 2000:
   labour costs220.000,- K
   -health and social insurance150.000,- K
   -business tax80.000,- K
   -other costs100.000,- K
   Total costs550.000,- K
not exceeded

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation did not acquire any depreciable assets, either tangible or intangible; only small purchases were made in 2000 to the total value of 10,990,- K.

Cash on 31 Dec 20008.439,80,- K
Current account  on 31 Dec 2000823.635,16,- K
Liabilities  on 31 Dec 2000none.

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation had two employees in 2000 - Terezie Jungrov and Silvie Burjankov.

Donations received

   1.   ICZ, a.s500.000,- K
 2. JC Decaux a.s.40.000,- K
 3. Fortuna szkov kancel, a.s.300.000,- K
 4. Euro AWK, s.r.o.50.000,- K
 5. Ing. Miroslav Doua130.000,- K
   1.020.000,- K

Donations provided
The Foundation did not make any donations in 2000.

Observing rules on cost limitations
Total contributions:1.020.000,- K
Foundation management costs:470.492,98,- K

Costs amounted to 46.1 percent, i.e. the rule under 9.1 of the Statutes was not observed. This was due to a 200,000 crown donation from a sponsor being transferred by the bank in early 2001. As a remedy, the Foundation will spend 62.256,119 K less on its management costs than permitted under 9.1 of the Statutes.

Review of the Financial Statements
The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation used the single-entry bookkeeping method in 2000. Consequently, it was not obliged to have its balance sheet verified by an auditor.

The founder deposited a cash fund amounting to 250,000,- K. Donations totalling 1,020,000,- were provided under agreements on providing a donation. The Foundation has opened a deposit account. The interest on this deposit (885.36 K) is liable to income tax.

Foundation management costs amounted to 470,492.98 K in 2000, i.e. 79,507.02 K less than budgeted.


The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation was established on 28 July 2000. Its aim is to assist the forming of an open society based on providing universal access for all citizens to public information. The Foundation therefore aims to cultivate a healthy media environment and supports the analysis and critical reflection of the media scene including the support of specific media-analysis projects.

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation sees a significant part of its efforts in the support of the further professional training of journalists and print-media photographers. To this effect, the Foundation organises regular discussion forums on topical issues, as well as professional seminars and training programmes.

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation assists journalism students in obtaining education within the framework of prestigious journalist-oriented programmes at leading universities and in obtaining funds for such study sojourns, in addition to prospecting for short-term internship opportunities in prestigious international media outlets on behalf of suitably skilled Czech journalists.

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation's Activities in 2001

2001 was the first full year of the Foundation's activities. During that year, the Foundation organised the following activities:
  1. Cooperation established with the Guardian Foundation and the Reuters Foundation.
  2. Services provided on behalf of the Reuters seminars to the followingjournalists: Kateina Menzelov (EURO), August 2001, "Writing Business News", London; Radek Honzk (Lidov noviny), November 2001, "Writing International News", London; Ale Voj (Hospodsk noviny), December 2001, "Environmental Reporting", Berlin.
  3. Grants awarded in support of analytical and investigative journalism, whose growth is slow in the Czech Republic and other post-Communist countries. Grants went to: Ji Leschtina - "Project to Privatise Czech Utilities and Gas Industry"; Jan Kovalk - "Where Did the Money Go from IPB and KB"; and Jeronm Janek - "Mental Disorder Patients in the Czech Republic - State Care and Social Integration". The project continued through 2002.
  4. Workshop on investigative journalism organised in September in conjunction with the U.S. Cultural and Information Centre under the tutelage of veteran U.S. journalist Ken Dermotta. Mr Dermotta Ken Dermotta also conducted two seminars - each spread over two days - on investigative journalism for Czech Television and the private TV channel Prima.
  5. Under the project: The Media World Society, carried out in conjunction with the Centre for Media Studies (CEMES), the Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation organised a conference on 28 February 2001 under the keynote "The End of the National Media?". Our plan was to analyse media development in the context of ongoing change in central and east European countries, including new ownership relations in the media industry; global, regional and national media characteristics, and the influence of foreign owners. Papers were presented by Ernest Skalski, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza; Petr Robejek, Director of the Hamburg-based International Institute for Economics and Politics; Chris Elliott of the British daily The Guardian; and David C. Simonson, journalist and member of U.S. trade organisations.
  6. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation has launched and provided initial funding to the interactive online magazine MediaReport, which serves primarily as a platform for the exchange of information, views and ideas ( The magazine provides practical advice and information such as legal counselling, journalism ethical codes applied abroad, important addresses, media analysis and media news from home and abroad. A review of topical events is also part of its contents.
  7. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation's website, launched in May 2001, is available in Czech and English.
  8. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation awarded a grant to the Literary Academy's project "Educating Students".
  9. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation awarded a grant to an exhibition of works by Sebastiao Salgado in the Mnes Exhibition Centre, which came complete with several seminars and panel discussions.
  10. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation awarded a grant to the Multicultural Centre to help organise a panel discussion on the standards of documentary photography in the Czech Republic, held during the Sebastiao Salgado exhibition.
  11. The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation intends to support media photographers. The Foundation is working to prepare a major photography contest on a specific theme, to be followed by an exhibition and seminars. The project is open also to photographers Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.
The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation is also working to:
  1. find potential sponsors and organise funding;
  2. acquire further contacts to facilitate study sojourns and short-term intern programmes for Czech journalists in foreign media outlets;
  3. prepare regular discussion panels with British journalists on the enlargement of the European Union. The first such seminar is scheduled for the autumn of 2002;
  4. publish a brochure of texts from last autumn's conference "Media and Politicians".
The Assets of the Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation:

The Foundation did not acquire any depreciable long-term assets.

Cash on 31 Dec 200111.076,90 K
Current account on 31 Dec 20011.272.435,90 K
Temporary account on 31 Dec 200157.130,48 K
Liabilities on 31 Dec 20010,00 K
Receivables on 31 Dec 2001226.122,00 K

The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation had three employees in 2001: Terezie Jungrov -Kaslov, Helena Markusov, and Silvie Burjnkov.

Donations received

1. Fortuna szkov kancel, a.s.200.000,00 K
2. ICZ a.s.900.000,00 K
3. Bohemian Ventures.20.000,00 K
4. Marie, s.r.o.1.000.000,00 K
5. esk Telecom, a.s.200.000,00 K
6. Ing. Miroslav Doua130.000,00 K
7. Deutsche Botschaft45.653,14 K
8. A Projekt200.000,00 K
9. Accounted Open Society Fund grant (part) 135.000,00 K
10.Accounted U.S. grant (part)267.184,00 K
Total3.097.837,14 K

Non-cash received

1. Koncept CZ, a.s. www530.000,00 K
2. Koncept CZ, a.s njem250.000,00 K
Total780.000,00 K

Total donations received

3.877.837,14 K

Services received

1. Philip Moris R, a.s.500.000,00 K
2. IDS, a.s.150.000,00 K
3. COPA Administration Management 41.650,00 K

691.650,00 K

(391,650.00 K of the total liable to income tax)

Interest on the bank deposit totalling
is not liable to income tax

11.508,65 K

Total revenue

4.580.995,79 K
(Incl. revenue liable to income tax403.158.65 K)

Donations provided

In 2001, the Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation made financial contributions to projects in support of investigative reporting, to organise a conference, publish an online newspaper, in addition to the following specific projects:
  • Multicultural Centre Prague o.s
  • 8.120,- K
  • Literary Academy
    (Private university of Josef kvoreck)
  • 20.000,- K
  • Investigative reporting grants
  • 135.000,- K
  • AMADEUS Prague, s.r.o.
  • 100.000,- K
  • Mediareport s.r.o. - online newspaper
  • 250.000,- K
    Total 513.120,- K

    All contributions were used in keeping with projects as approved.

    Overall costs:

    material costs48.044,30 K
    travel expenses112.100,17 K
    representation30.493,00 K
    services1.407.269,80 K
    labour and social costs2.045.256,00 K
    other costs110.018,70 K
    donations provided513.120,00 K

    Total costs

    Accounted grant costs
    402.184,00 K
    Costs of donations provided 513.120,00 K
    Costs unrelated to 2001103.198,30 K
    Conference costs 2001842.874,50 K
    Website530.000,00 K
    Foundation management costs 20011.826.880,87 K

    Review of the Financial Statements

    The Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation used the double-entry bookkeeping method in 2001. Total revenue amounted to 4,580,995.79 K, thereby obviating the need of having the statements verified by an auditor.

    Observing rules on cost limitations

    Total receipt: 4.580.995,79 K
    Foundation management costs1.826.880,87 K

    Independent Auditor's Report

    The balance sheet provides a true picture in all relevant respects about the assets, liabilities, equity and financial situation of the Ferdinand Peroutka Foundation as at 31 December 2001, and the economic result for 2001, in line with the Law and Accountancy and the relevant regulations of the Czech Republic.

    Ing Jan ehk,
    Auditor, Czech Republic, Licence No. 1692

    This report compiled on 12 July 2002 by Terezie Kaslov-Jungrov, Director

    This report recommended by the Supervisory Board to the attention and approval of the Board of Directors on this day, 29 July 2002.
    JUDr. Veronika Kesanov, Dr., Chairperson, Supervisory Board

    This Annual Report endorsed by the Board of Directors on 29 July 2002
    Ing. Ji Kamenick, Chairman, Board of Directors